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Many business owners and top-management are faced with a major problem: lack of understanding of IT-department's role in the company. Downtime of entire company caused by falling of network or critical business applications, system administrators and programmers are always busy and doesn't nave a time to make their job,etc. —these are typical problems which has a long found a solution in their professional field.

One of the directions of our activities is IT-consulting. We offer our expertise and assistance in the detection of problems of IT-departments, implementing best practices and advanced software to synchronize IT with your business.

Among our services:

  • IT Audit — identify problem areas and make recommendations for their elimination.
  • Development of IT-strategy — creating a plan of development of IT for 3 years or more, according to the plans of business development.
  • The implementation of processes and functions of ITIL — best practices without too much difficulty.
  • Creating an integrated information console for IT management based on the concept of Business Service Management.