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Your company has just opened, but:

  • already faced with a huge cost of server hardware, vital for the job?
  • A software costs, as practice shows, even more expensive?
  • Setting up and implementation of all this requires highly experienced and expensive specialists?
  • And all this — will expire in 2 years?

You are successfully operating company, but are constantly facing the fact that:

  • Hardware becomes outdated so quickly, and the replacement to a new associated with high costs?
  • Open a new direction in business, but the performance of the servers can't keep up the growth of the company?
  • Offers for IT-solutions are often associated with significant costs and understandable only to IT-staff?
  • Server room consumes a lot of electricity when working even with several servers, uninterruptible power suppliers and cooling systems?

Rent all server infrastructure in the complex — the whole world has been doing it!

Get highly reliable modern server infrastructure that is physically housed in data centers in Moscow and London, the most relevant to the needs of your business, with minimal costs.

Virtual server infrastructure from ITRas — is:

  • irrespective of territorial location of your company;
  • Only highly qualified employees — system and network administrators and IT-managers;
  • guaranteed redundancy of entire "cloud" IT-infrastructure;
  • Maximum confidentiality and protection of all corporate information;
  • change the scale of your server infrastructure online according to the needs of the business;
  • full transparency of the functioning server infrastructure;
  • extremely clear and simple pricing mechanism.

Do you want to check the quality of your future virtual server? request us!